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Last Updated 15 January 2018

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Mouse House is searching for resin casters to cast the  M113AS4 APC kit.

Last attempt to find a caster did not work out.







Mouse House Catalogue - Resin conversions, AUSCAM paints, photoetch, decals and Australian Armour books

Updated 2 December 2017

Request for images

for next Military Briefs

Looking for images of

 M113A1 family of vehicles 1965 -1972
1972 - 2007.

The assembly of this book 1972-2007 is well underway with printing expected mid 2018r



Mirror Models LRDG truck with Bofors 37mm anti tank gun is no date advised as yet
pre order now

The delay has been due to China factory upgrade. 

More news as it becomes available here at
Mouse House



L5 Italian Pack Howitzer 

Beno's Model Bits
second decal sheet is now available


MA634 and 635 Balmoral Centurion and 1 APC troop Decals


NEW and Available

F88AS1 Austeyr rifles in
1/25 and 1/16 scales
see catalogue


Personal $ta$h UPDATED 2 January 2018

HO scale Roco / Herpa clearance



The M113A1 FOV in Vietnam 1965-1972 articles


Breaking NEWS: Only 21 copies of Military Briefs No.1 left before the become extinct

Only 18 copies of Military Briefs No.6 before they are gone forever


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