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M113A1 family of vehicles in South Vietnam 1965 to 1972

Australian Modifications to the M113A1 FOV in Vietnam Australian M113 radio fitouts (Coming soon)
Long Tan carriers 18 August 1966  Comparing T50 turrets in the market  NEW
Ammunition storage on board M113A1 APCs     UPDATED  


Build an Aussie Abrams  
Leopard AS1 development A brief summary of changes to the Leopard AS1 1977-2007 
Leopard AS1 Hydraulic bump stops
Defence of Port Darwin   History and modelling of the Defence of Darwin during WW2
Abrams Camouflage  Three tone camouflage pattern for the Australian Abrams tank as at 2010
Centurion Additional info Shane Lovell provides additional information not covered in military Briefs No.3 
Centurion Turret Development Shane Lovell provides a guide to centurion turret Development 
Centurion 169091 History of Centurion 169091 that is still in existence today in final Vietnam configuration
Centurion evolution The mods that the Australian Cent had in south Vietnam. 
Centurion Help Matthew McMahon has come to the rescue and provided the answer to identifying the turret top item.
OZ Cam A brief description of Australian camouflage of its military vehicles.
Matilda Markings  A quick guide to Matilda markings during WW2     
Jeffries Mechanical Robot explosive tank Australian remote controlled demolition tank 
Stuart M3 Light tank 9th Division General Stuart
Uniform Australian Infantryman in the Pacific 
Uniform Australian modern Mechanised infantry 
Tracked truck The Australian Tracked truck of World War 2
Churchill The Churchill in Australian service
Sentinel History  UPDATED A detailed history of the development of the Australia Sentinel tank by Michael Koudstaal
Sentinel AC3 The Inside Story - turret and engine details
Sentinel Some images of the Sentinel AC1 and AC3
Sentinel   The First Sentinel by Michael Koudstaal
M198 in action Images of Australian RAA M198 in action
Australian War Memorial A look at the Centurion and M113A1 FSV - May 2002
Up armouring the M113 1970

The Army Headquarters (AHQ) Belly Uparmouring Project

M113A1 with T50 turret Modelling an accurate T50 armed Australian M113A1
3/4 Cav M113A1s in Rwanda Mick Toal shares some images of Australian M113A1s in Rwanda
5/7 RAR Mechanised in East Timor Covers some of the vehicles used in East Timor by 5/7 RAR Mech
Australian Tanks  UPDATED A summary of every armoured vehicle built or used by the RAAC  
Vietnam slideshow Noel Luff shares some of his images from his tour of duty in the Vietnam war.
The AWM Stuart Mick Toal shares some of his photos
Contemporary Camo A selection of Australian Military vehicles showing a range of current camouflage patterns.  More images will be added over time.
Matilda tanks Summary of Matilda tank deliveries in 1942  
Matilda A listing of identified Matilda tanks and special variants together with vehicle registration numbers, names and reference sources (AWM).
Ferret Mk.2/3 Aust Ferrets general arrangement
Ferret Mk.2/3 interior Some interior views of a restored Ferret.
Australian Local Pattern Carriers A look at restored Australian Local Pattern carriers
UN ASLAVs Australian ASLAVs in service for the United Nations in Timor
Modern Australian Infantry A guide to kit parts from major manufacturers that can be used to model Modern Australian Infantry
Land Rover 4x4 SAS c1979 A description of the long wheel base 4x4 Land Rover as used by the Australian SAS.

Model Gallery

Yeramba 25 pdr SPG    NEW Dingo     NEW Hamel 105mm L118 / L119   NEW
1/16th Leopard AS1  Australia ARVs  
Land Rover 6x6 LRPV  Light Tank Mk.VIA / B   
Sentinel   Unimog and Hamel gun   
Abrams   Hercules ARV    
Australian Grant  Saladin FSV and MRV  
Australian Centurion in 1/25 scale   UPDATED Sherman    
Crusader    Australian Land Rover 4x4  
Australian Centurions   in 1/35 scale Landing ship medium  
Australian Army MACK Truck  M113A1s Australian and New Zealand       
Australian ASLAV Family  M113s in action  
Australian use of the LVT M113 FSV Part 2   
M3 Stuart in the jungle (parts 1 and 2) 


More Stuarts   M198 155mm gun   
Staghound  Saladin armoured car  
Leopard AS1 with IMI mine rollers  Small scale gallery     


AWM 3 ton Truck portee    Short Wheelbase Land Rover series 2 106mm Recoilless rifle. NEW
M113AS4 APC  
Abrams M118/M119 105mm gun (aka Hamel gun)
ASLAV25 Phase 2  Australian Truck, 2.5 ton 4x4 Cargo and Personnel, International No.1 Mk.III
1 Tonne trailer  Staghound  
Unimog U1700L  M74C turret as mounted on Australian M113A1
Australian M198 155mm gun howitzer Australian M2A2 105mm howitzer
Australian JRA Long Range Patrol Vehicle as used by the SASR Australian Centurion - Vietnam
Australian M113A1 Australian Leopard AS1 
Australian Centurion - the final configuration Australian Dingo armoured scout car


A Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment January 1967 Unit structure of the 2/1 Australian Armoured Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron 1945

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