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5/7 Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) Mechanised in Timor 1999
Greg Knowles

One of the Australian units that was sent to East Timor as part of INTERFET (International Force East Timor) was 5/7 RAR Mech.  Here is a series of photos predominantly of C Company as well as some other units who were there as well.

The basic vehicles used by 5/7 were M113A1 APCs armed with a T50 machine gun turret.  Other variants of the M113A1 APC were the surveillance and ambulance versions.  The M579 fitters track, M577A1 command vehicle and M548A1 "Tilly" (Tracked Load Carrier) were also there.

3sect1.jpg (9700 bytes) The vehicles of 7 platoon 5/7 RAR Mech.   Note that the camouflage pattern is basically the same and the positioning of the vehicle call signs. The callsigns are 31, 31A, 31B, 31C
depot1.jpg (13269 bytes) The compound with 35M ambulance and the M577A1 ACV OG with its many aerials and air filter box.
548.jpg (17700 bytes) The compound again with M548A1s and a 110 Land Rover.
31rear.jpg (17100 bytes) The packed interior of 31.  Note the standard metal chest, collapsible stretchers, packs and bivvy bags.  The jerry cans are deliberately stored in this manner with the caps facing inwards to avoid opening from vegetation. Note also the revised rear indicator group which is standard truck fitments plus the convoy light inboard.
31top_small.jpg (2054 bytes) Top view of 31A.  Note aerial positioning, jumper cables stowage, filter box on the cargo hatch and camo pattern
31side.jpg (21696 bytes) Close up of 31 from the side. 


The skirts were cut down to allow the removal of the track for field track repairs. The skirt was cut at the same approximate height of the track as it passes above the road wheels, this would allow a track pin to pass below the Skirt while performing track maintenance. Otherwise, the whole track skirt would have to be removed to repair track links, and that is very time consuming

The bottom white/red reflective tape was for road safety whereas the black stripes front and back are buoyancy guides.  The black tigers head is the unit emblem and can just be seen on the front.

m11331.jpg (10707 bytes) 31 the other side.  The troops are wearing body armour.


f1.jpg (13274 bytes) Fitters track 38.  Each of 5/7s fitters tracks were individually fitted out according to each crew's preferences before they were sent to east Timor.  Note the vice mounted on the front of the vehicle, the double extended splash board, orange trafficators
lrover.jpg (35397 bytes) E18A is a fitters track beloging to 1 CER and has a different right side roof stowage - compare to the more normal layout above.
f2.jpg (18670 bytes) 38 closeup. Twin jerry can stowage at rear both sides, four jerrycans on top of the crane counterweights just behind a stowage box.

Other interesting vehicles used there by Australia were two of three Bushranger prototypes used to provide VIP transport. Notice that the design of each Bushranger is different.

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