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Australian AC3 Sentinel Tank - The Inside Picture
by Alan Scheckenbach

Images taken by Alan at the Treloar Annex of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra ACT in May 2001.

Gp.jpg (58719 bytes)   Crouching in the Commander's position looking left towards the gunner's position. Clips for main armament ammunition stowage can be seen under the turret ring. The gunner's seat can be seen mid photo. Centre left is the gun breech and moving right is the breech guard bar. Lower left is a handle. Trigger? The white object under the breech is a fluorescent work light.
stow.jpg (47422 bytes) You are sitting in the Commander's position, looking to the left front at approximately eye level.
gp2.jpg (61311 bytes) You are sitting in the Commander's position, looking to the left. This motor and gearbox traverse the turret and are at your left shoulder. The triangular white object at top right is the Very pistol stowage seen in the previous image.
breech.jpg (61821 bytes) Looking into the main armament breech. The mechanism is still smooth. Note that markings are still visible on the rear of the barrel.
tbasket.jpg (56021 bytes) Looking downwards to the Commander's position.Traverse motor on the left and grab handles top left and right. Breech and trigger (?) to the right. Forward under turret ring can be seen ammunition stowage and possible radio equipment fittings. I did not study the function of the round handle in the centre of the picture but possible it raised and lowered the gun.
chatch.jpg (52495 bytes) This is the inside of the front section of the Commander's hatch. The locking handle and possibly the remains of a viewing prism visible. A gun related gear box can be seen at bottom centre.

Engine Compartment:  The engine compartment has two sets of hatches that give access to the upper side of the engine. The openings are lengthwise along the tank's rear deck. Each of the openings is closed by two hatches which hinge at the fore and aft ends.

ecl.jpg (68691 bytes) This shows a water tank at the  turret end of the opening with hoses that presumably feed the engine's water jacket. The large, white swathed tube is an exhaust, exiting to the right. I assume that this white substance is an asbestos wrap, which would account for the hazardous substance notice on the vehicle's rear deck.
ecr.jpg (67888 bytes) engine compartment right. Same as above but showing slightly more of the rear of the engine compartment. A possible battery compartment can be seen on the right hand side wall to wards the rear. The cylindrical container on the rear of the block may be an oil filter.
turrr.jpg (50535 bytes) engine compartment left  This photo is taken looking slightly towards the centerline of the tank. At the top is another tank, probably water. Note the hose running down to the engine block. One hose is missing. Again the exhaust pipe across the centre, exiting to the left. In this image we can see another exhaust pipe coming up from below. I am not aware of the engine type or configuration in this vehicle but am assuming that there are lower cylinder banks. A large tank is fitted to the rear of the engine compartment. The cap marked 'P' (PETROL?) fills it.
drivers.jpg (37502 bytes) drivers position and gearbox from side hatch. This is taken looking from the outside looking in through the driver's hatch from the right hand side to the left. We can see the transaxle housing and gear change lever as well as the steering levers. In the middle top of the photo is the board where the driver's instruments were fitted. In the top left corner are racks for main armament stowage.
ammo2.jpg (61304 bytes) round storage rear of turret. Taken from the gunner's position,these main armament ammunition racks are on the right rear of the inside of the turret.
ammo1.jpg (64284 bytes) round storage under breech area.  Taken from the gunner's position but twisting to the left and looking diagonally down toward the rear of the turret under the area of the breech. Main armament ammunition stowage box with a hinged lid. The grey cable belongs to a fluorescent work light hung there by a member of the War Memorial staff.
oiltk.jpg (67966 bytes) Oil tank inside turret right front gunners position. Taken standing inside the breech guard bar looking toward the right front of the turret. This tank, box and holders would next to the gunner's right shoulder.
diff.jpg (35964 bytes) A view of the differential housing - not unlike the M4 Sherman version.

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