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1/35 Meng kit TS-032 - USMC M1A1 AIM / US Army TUSK main battle tank
Build and Australian Abrams AIM tank by M.Hoyne (and Jason Miller)

The kit TS-032 provides all the options needed to make four versions of the Abrams main battle tank. 
Choosing the right options allows the kit to have all the items fitted to Australian Abrams.

1.     Build the kit as per instructions stages 1 to 7 inclusive.    Stage 4 - minor change - omit part A20 both sides and remove square plate with 4 bolts.

2.     Stage 8 use option ABC for the drivers hatch

3.     Stage 9-10 as per instructions but choose part D1 for the infantry telephone

4.     Stage 11-12 as per instructions

5.     Stage13 choose parts C1 and C56 for the front mudguard parts

6.     Stage 14 – snorkels – not generally seen on Australian Abrams

7.     Stage 15-16 as per instructions

8.     Stage 17 choose the ABC option for the Australian Abrams

9.     Stage 18 choose option D for the explosive ammunition panels (parts L4+S1+L5)

10.  Stage 19 choose part A4+A41 for the antennae mounting units and parts D45 and D7.

11.  Stage 20 choose part L21 for the forward round cover and D7 for the wind sensor

12.  Stage 21 choose option ABC

13.  Stage 22 choose option D for the loaders hatch

14.  Stage 23 as per instructions

15.  Stage 24 use parts C45+C46 but add the smoke dischargers (Stage 25) before adding the rails

16.  Stage 25 use option D for smoke dischargers

17.  Stage 26 use option C for the commander’s sight cover (D10) and parts L10+L14 for the Blue force tracker

18.  Stage 27 as per instructions

19.  Stage 28 use option ABC for the loaders ring

20.  Stage 29 Skip

21.  Stage 30 as per instructions using option CD not AB

22.  Stage 31 use option AB for loaders machine gun but no additional armour shields

23.  Stage 32 shows loaders machine gun option AB & commander’s machine gun option CD

24.  Stage 32 do not include anti IED (S18+S4+S8+S16) and use Australian pattern water jerrycans

 Mouse House can provide some items to fit out the 1/35 scale Australian Abrams:

MAP05 AUSCAM three pack – camouflage enamel paints (ODL / brown / black)

MA110 – three carbon fibre rods to represent 10 foot aerials for the antenna mounting units

MA114 - Abrams fridge for the turret basket

MA306  - five man ration packs (card)

MA302 – 10 Australia pattern water jerry cans

MAW701 -  F88SA2 Austeyr rifles

MAD626  - 1/35 Abrams A Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment 2014

MAD627  - 1/35 Abrams B Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment 2014

Best reference at this time is the Tankograd book on the Australian Abrams by Gordon Arthur International Special 8008.

Also Abrams walkaround by Brian Kerr

The book is available from Ronnel's Hobbies

 A build  of an Australian Abrams using this kit on Missing Lynx

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