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A brief description of Australian camouflage of its military vehicles.

The Australian army is currently using a three colour disruptive paint pattern (DPP) camouflage made up of:

a. Camouflage Green - Olive Drab Lustreless. Reference 7650/ADE(M) 146-1/1, November 1967;
b. Camouflage Brown - US Federal Standard 595a  30219;
c. Black - US Federal Standard 595a  37038; and
d. Pilbara Brown - US Federal Standard 595a  30109. This colour to be used as the base colour replacement for Camouflage Green, and is only approved for use on equipment permanently based in Australia's north west.

The  ASLAV pattern is the Eastern States pattern with green as the base colour. In the plan above brown is the NE/SW hatching.

This photo was taken in Darwin where brown is the base colour as noted by the colour of the wheel hubs

My understanding is that prior to about 1995 all eastern states armoured units were painted overall in camouflage green and then over sprayed / painted with brown and black.  When some units were relocated to Darwin  (Pilbara) brown became the base colour and was subsequently over painted with black and green.

Camouflage green
An interpretation of the paint specification for olive drab lustreless suggests that it was accepted as the standard green for Australian military vehicles in November 1967.  This fits in well with the deployment of Australian Centurions and M113A1s to Vietnam.  The Centurions arrived in Vietnam on January 1968 painted in Olive Drab which was the Australian colour that replaced the British Standard 1964 BS381c.  The Australian Olive Drab was specified in either lustreless, semi gloss or full gloss.  In December 1968 it was directed that all vehicles be repainted in Olive drab semi gloss.  During late 1968 and part of 1969 Centurions could be seen in either old British or newer Australian Olive Drab colours.  This Australian Olive Drab colour has been used since 1967 on Australian military vehicles.

In the case of the M113A1s that went to Vietnam in June 1965, it is understood that these vehicles arrived painted is US Olive Drab of the period and then were subsequently painted Australian olive drab lustreless.

RAAF three tone camouflage
Some aircraft, mainly helicopters that sport a three tone camouflage use the same Federal standard brown and black and Army military vehicles but replace the Australian olive drab with a similar Federal Standard dark green FS34082

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