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Modern Australian Figures & accessories kit list compiled by Damien Elliott

This is a list of commercially available military figure kits that have weapons, equipment and or uniform bits that can be used to make Modern Australian Infantry figures

Kit DML Dragon Equipment
3309 Green Berets (Vietnam) Australian pattern webbing (Vietnam - early 90's)
    claymore mine
    claymore mine 'clicker' (hand held detonator)
    giggle hat
    browning 9mm
3022 US Delta Force (Somalia) USAF PJ crash helmet (SASR Afghanistan)
3025 DML SEALS (#1, Vietnam era) 40mm grenade load bearing vest
    compass pouch
    hand and smoke grenades
    headscarfs (Modern NT, Timor)
    AN/PRC 25, frame, handset, handset cable
3024 Modern US Special forces ALICE pack frame / solid stock m249
3027 Modern US marines Mag 58/GPMG/L7A2
    singcars antenna, can use for wedgetail antenna, sticking out of ALICE pack or Aussie  Armour old style backpacks
    particularly thin goggles
6501 Modern British SAS Browning 9mm in holsters, 2mag pouch
    Heads with balaclavas
    SPAS 12 (SASR, 1 & 2 Cdo)
    maglight torches
3016 Modern US Snipers knitted caps, sniper scopes
3017 US SEALS 'aviator' Aviator suits (similar to pixie suits)
3004 Desert Rangers goggles, baseball caps, desert storm issue has giggle hats, night vision goggles
6502 SWAT Helmet's without covers (Modern UN)
6506 NYPD Ert Mosberg Shotgun (CDT's & Navy boarding parties), skimask heads
    ski masks and goggles
3003 VDV  Air Assault Fource chicom Vests (OIF Special forces)
3023 British SBS AI AW sniper rifle
    chest rig
    excellent giggle hat
    an/pvs2 sight
3021 Modern german paratroopers mid-late 80's pre-fritz style helmets with netting (aussie issue till late 80's; also has folding stock uzi, only one in plastic afaik)
3311 us heli crew spade grip m60 and UH-1 mounting (1 only)
3312 DML 1Cav (Apocalypse now) Australian style webbing harness
3013 British Desert Rats Chest rigs
3020 DML Modern tank crew CVC helmets (sides need thinning down)
3818 DML Vietnam weapons set silenced sterling / F1 SMG / SLR / M60
3806 modern mg set L4A4, mag58, m60, 50 cal.
3803 mp5/g3 weapons foregrip for modular m16/m4
3801 m16/ar15 set anpvs2 (Vietnam issue), xm108 (early m203, fitted to SLR's in Vietnam)
6098 German Feldgendarmerie German Shepard dogs for working dog team (Timor)
6198 US Support weapons team RCL 
  Italeri Modern anti aircraft Weapons Milan
IT421 Italeri Modern Small Arms L1A1 (undersized)
    Sterling SMG
  Tamiya Modern US Infantry Vietnam era torches
    compass pouches
    in-scale knives in scabbards
    good Kevlar helmets
    good sized bum packs
  Tamiya JGSDF recon set Kawasaki dirt bike (same as on the back of LRPV)
  Academy Israeli infantry Mag58, head with sunglasses on
  Academy Armoured Vehicle crew Virks helmets (need to sand down sides; too wide)
  Academy Allied MG set .30 cal/m60/L7A2 tripods, folded.  .30 cal belts and cans

1/35 scale vehicle kits that contain Australian weapons

AFV Club 106mm RCL in Skybow m38 jeep and anti-tank weapons sets)
Trumpeter Type 89 IFV Carl Gustav 84mm
Academy M113A1 Vietnam 106mm rcl, rounds & tripod
Italeri LAV mortar carrier 120mm mortar

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