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The Jeffries Mechanical Robot explosive tank

The Jeffries Mechanical Robot tank was developed by RAAF Leading Aircraftsman H.E. Jeffries in the early 1940s as a tracked, self-propelled, remote-controlled demolition vehicle. This vehicle was electrically driven, propelled by two electric motors which provided power via a chain drive to the forward-mounted cast steel drive sprockets which operate the tracks, and operated and controlled from a three-switch steel control box and reeled electrical cable. The body work is fabricated from folded sheet steel and bolted to the chassis (vehicle length is 1480mm). The vehicle was experimental in concept and not used operationally.

Readers will note the similarity between this vehicle and the German Goliath demolition vehicle, which saw action during the Second World War.

Information on the Jeffries Mechanical Robot explosive tank obtained from the Heavy Weapons display information sheet at the AWM Open Day, Saturday 7th May 2005.

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