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1/35 scale T50 Turrets Currently Available.
Research by John Myszka.

There are a number of Cadillac Gage T50 turrets available on the market.  This review proposes to compare each of the available kits to the measurements of the real thing.

What do you get


Summary of  parts of the kit
Accurate Armour Semi solid two part turret, jerry can, hatch and 2 sprues of smaller parts including 4 trafficators. Correct turret hatch hinge arrangement.
Verlinden Comes in a box together with the M74C turret also used by the Australian Army in Vietnam.  The T50 comes as a solid turret with two .30 cal barrels and a hatch.  Incorrect hatch hinge arrangement for Australian T50.   Casting is very nice.
Academy Comes as part of an M113A1 kit.  The parts are injected plastic but the turret is badly misshapen - not worth using even as a start point.
Mouse House MA113 - hollow turret and turret basket with cargo hatch filter box, extended trim vane and 30/50 barrels in metal

MA106 - solid turret with crew hole, riser ring as well as cargo hatch filter box, extended trim vane and 30/50 barrels in metal. Designed for external models (no turret basket)

Aussie Armour Hollow cast two part turret.  Correct hinge arrangement for hatch.  Provides a mounting ring and correctly off set turret ring.   Additional parts provided such as new rear hatch with filtration box  etc.

How do the T50 turrets measure up?
The turret is basically fabricated from 8 panels - 5 identical panels (inclined at 60 degrees) plus one left and 2 right side individually shaped panels (when facing forward).

all measurements in millimetres 1:1 1/35 scale Accurate Armour Verlinden Mouse House AFV Club AFV35291 Academy Aussie Armour
turret widest diameter 1250 35.7 33 34.5 36.8 ? 34.2 33
widest point on turret top (just forward of the hatch) 825 23.6 22 23 25 ? 22.5 24
Vertical height of turret 356 10.1 9 9 10.1 ? 10 9
panel width - top 260 7.4 7 8.5 7.5 ? 7 7.2
panel width - bottom 390 11.1 10 10.2 11 ? 10.5 10
panel height 360 10.3 10 10.2 10.5 ? 11 9.7
mantlet width 340 9.7 9 8.6 9.5 ? 8.5 9.5

The Mouse House and Aussie Armour conversion is most accurate with most measurements and very close with the others. 

The least accurate is the Academy one which originally had the greatest hope of being correct and in plastic would have sold like hotcakes.   This version did not include the basic "Aussie" conversion/additions and the three forward individual panels are a pure fantasy.  It simply looks wrong.

Except for  Mouse House and Aussie Armour  (and to some extent Accurate Armour) all kits have the hole through the hull top (read turret ring) centrally mounted in the turret.  This is not correct - the hole into the turret is forward of centre which leaves a small rear overhang.

None of the review kits have a turret basket (with MA113 Mouse House being the exception) which is integral to the T50 turret as used by the Australian Army.  To make a current (2001) serving Australian M113A1 with T50 turret with all the "Aussie" additions check this article out.

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