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Australian Matilda tanks and variants - Vehicle numbers and names
Michael Grieve


These spreadsheets grew out of a "small" project to catalogue all possible vehicle numbers and details of Matilda tanks operated by the Australian armed forces during the Second World War. This information was obtained from 1950s vehicle returns catalogues held in the archives of the Australian War Memorial (AWM), auction catalogues (held in the Victorian branch of the National Archives), and a survey of the photographs available on the AWM website.

Please note that these spreadsheets are based on the best information that I have been able to access to date - I have not included vehicle numbers where no direct evidence for such a vehicle could be found (even if such numbers are quite obvious from the trends in the vehicle numbers listed in the spreadsheets).

 Accessing AWM photographs

To access a photo, where listed, of a particular vehicle, simply click on the hyperlink below to access the photographic database of the Australian War Memorial.

Once there, enter the photo number into the "negative number" box (second from top), and click on the "search" button. You may then click on the thumbnail photo to get an enlarged view.

IMPORTANT NOTE: where a five-digit photo number is given in the spreadsheet, a zero ("0") must be entered in the negative number box immediately before the specific photo number ie. the photo number "12345" must be entered as "012345". Six-digit numbers may be entered as they appear in the spreadsheet.

If anyone out there is able to add to any of the Matilda tank spreadsheets, please feel free to contact me at the EMail address


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