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Australian Stuart at the AWM
by Mick Toal

Mick Toal photographed the hulk of one of the destroyed Australian M3 Stuarts which was recovered from the battlefield at Buna, New Guinea, in the 1970s. In what would be sacrilegious act to museum conservators nowadays, the tank was cut up and the recovered portion "restored" by sandblasting and repainting. But nevertheless the relic is significant as it is possibly the only surviving example of the uniquely Australian armoured turret shroud, which remains in place, and the welds that once attached the track grouser rails may be seen on each side of the hull.

There is extensive battle damage and numerous penetrations from what appear to to 20-30mm projectiles in what remains of the hull and the turret. Note that the shroud is constructed from five sections which are bolted together and there is a cut-out at the front to allow depression of the main gun.

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