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Australia armoured crewman 1998 - 2002

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Technically this soldier is not a tank crewman, and is actually an armoured vehicle driver from 5/7 Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) Mechanised.   The uniform though looking the same as the one below is actually different in detail.  The above uniform is basically for the infantryman although he may actually be driving an armoured vehicle. Note that for an infantryman the trouser pockets are on the side of the leg.

The Cavalry man below has a uniform that is different.  The epaulettes are double layered, that is there is a sewn loop with a uniform epaulette buttoned over the top of it.  The trouser pockets for an armoured vehicle crew are different in that the are on the front of the leg so as to make pocketed items readily available when sitting and are generally zippered not buttoned..

  Whilst boot colour was optional for many years, latest advice is that the light tan boots are to be THE boot from last year onwards.

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