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Australian Truck, 2.5 ton 4x4 Cargo and Personnel, International No.1 Mk.III  aka International ACCO.
by John Myszka

This truck was in service with the Australian Army from 1963 until 1988 and saw service in Vietnam moving supplies and towing the 105mm M1A2 howitzer.

Side view.
Close up of the exhaust under the front of the vehicle
Front view showing the mesh brush guard and exhaust under the front of the vehicle
Left hand side fuel cell and just a glimpse of the spare wheel
Underneath the rear tailgate showing the tow cable guide roller
Rear of the international ACCO 4x4
The right hand side fuel tank and jerry can stowage.
The right rear corner showing the stowage bin and mudguard
This view shows the central pillar of the rear tray.  Rather than having a full length side drop sides this vehicle had two shorter drop sides.
The spare tyre and mount on the left hand side towards the front of the vehicle
A good view of the right hand rear wheel / tyre

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