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The Australian Abrams Main battle tank
Images provided by Brian Kerr

The left rear corner of an Australian Abrams engine deck
   ◄- Two views of the blue force tracker (BFT) with its pale blue top

Right - top view of same with the small green object the GPS head►▲

The umbrella mounting point in the middle of the image (with yellow marker).
The rear of the turret with the fridge (left ) and the power connection point at the base of the wind sensor.   The right side of the image is the auxiliary power unit.
The round plate (top right of picture) is on the A2 version but not in use on ours - blanking plate for commanders independent viewer.

This images shows the triangular channel and in the middle of the image is an armoured cover (MHE part 9 in the Mouse Armour conversion set).

Auxiliary power unit decal placement
The placement of the Australian red Kangaroo symbol on the side of the turret.  A clear detail shot of the towing cable end and locking device

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