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The Australian M113AS4 APC
Images provided by David Denmeade and Chris Evenden

Side view of an M113AS4 APC

The base coat of paint is Federal standard 30219  tan.  The other camouflage colours being Olive Drab lustreless (ODL) and black.

Note that all the running gear is ODL and that the armour bolts are natural metal and not painted.  The same applies to the roadwheel nuts.

The spotlight and guard are black.

Note the placement of the vehicle markings.

Rear view of the M113AS4 APC

This image shows the placement of markings and camouflage pattern.

Mouse House also provides  an AUSCAM three pack of authentically matched paints (MAP05).

The external fuel cells are not handed. The fuel cells are identical with only the extra armour bolts being on the outside of each fuel cell.  The camouflage pattern is identical on both cells.

The jerrycans are not in metal holders but sit on a lip and held in with canvass straps.

The position on the new type of towing eyes can be seen.

The left "truck" light cluster has telephone connection pointsand black ot light mounted inboard inside a "U" shaped gurad.



The light clusters are left and right handed with the long side of each being on the outside.  The wire cutters (2 off) are folded down.



Colour of add on armour bolts is clearly seen as is the placement of markings.

The structure of the light cluster and lights is clearly seen.

A distant view of the tool stowage to the rear of the cargo hatch.
The Turret armour bolts are a different colour to the hull armour bolts and the bolts themselves are quite a different structure..

The spotlight and canvass are both black - the canvass being semi glossy.

The placement of items on the rear deck between the rear turret basket and cargo hatch are seen.

The stowage of some items in the stowage bins are also visible.  The tool stowage and colour - axe, pick handle, pick head, shovel and crowbar are seen.

The rear stowage bin rests on the mount for the truck light cluster on the external fuel tanks.  It is then also attached to the rear of the vehicle by "L" shaped brackets which are on the forward corners of the bin



The new AS4 turret from the rear showing the laser coated rear facing vision block.  The vision blocks have an anti laser reflective coating which in photos ranges from red to purple depending on the angle viewed.

This vehicle has had the GPS button (bottom right) either removed and relocated to near the forward antennae mount on the hull roof. Theis happened in 2015.



This image is of the AS4 ambulance which has slightly different attachment points for some items when compared to the APC.

A close up of the new light cluster (left in this view) and brush guard. The leopard type headlights are on the inner side and the compound light (orange) is to the outer side of the cluster.  The indicator light (small orange) is facing outward Note that the bolts are a brass colour

The bridging circle is in the middle of the inspection plate that is held in place with countersunk screws.  Most M113 kits have the nuts stand proud - wrong!.

Note the position of the guide teeth .  Note the colours of the bolts and plates on each track link

The lower front of an AS4 APC - note the position of the new type towing eyes and the colours with little or no overspray.

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