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Australian M198 155mm Howitzer
John Myszka

These photos were taken at the celebration of the Australian Army's 100th birthday on 10 March 2001 in Canberra in front of the Australian War Memorial.   It was a great day with most of the equipment currently in service, on display for the public to see.

GySgt D.J Kilby (Ordnance Chief 29 Palms) of the US Marine Corps has compared these photos with SMC M198s and cannot find any differences between the US and Australian M198.

b1.jpg (28949 bytes)  gvb.jpg (25615 bytes)  ls.jpg (24630 bytes)   lsc.jpg (19028 bytes)   General images

 lsb.jpg (22337 bytes)  rsb.jpg (21351 bytes)   rst.jpg (21355 bytes)  lt.jpg (33477 bytes) Close ups of the trunnion group

 wl.jpg (19186 bytes)  wc1.jpg (17175 bytes)  w1.jpg (23902 bytes)       lt1.jpg (19823 bytes)  Wheels

 b2.jpg (7898 bytes)  bar.jpg (5767 bytes)  Guess what, this is the muzzle brake and barrel

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