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Australian Truck Tracked 1 ton General Service   

Photos and measuring stick were provided by John Loughman.  So who is up to building one of these from scratch????There is some information provided in Mike Cecil's book "AMEP Volume 2 Local Pattern carriers 1939-1945".

plan.jpg (15536 bytes) A basic sketch of the general layout of the Tracked truck Mk.1 made many years ago.  This sketch needs to be modified for the more complex side chassis members.  There is always new info becoming available.
P1010001b.jpg (61168 bytes) Front view of the specimen at the RAAC Museum Puckapunyal Victoria.  note that the body is not armoured but just civilian car quality metal side.
P1010003b.jpg (55150 bytes) A view of the underneath of the cargo bed showing some of the structure.  The main chassis side as it terminates at the rear for the drive sprocket can be seen
P1010028.JPG (62163 bytes) Showing almost standard Universal carrier type suspension for the roadwheels but a revised drive sprocket.  The roadwheels had each spoke in the cross section of a capital "H".
Drive sprocket differential axle and some of the mechanism behind the drive sprocket
The front steerable idler wheel which was the same as the Local pattern Mk.3 type.
P1010013b.jpg (54218 bytes) Another view of the underneath / sub structure.   The round bracket would have held the muffler.  Also at the front can be seen the metal floor at the rear of the driver. P1010023B.jpg (50839 bytes)
A more general view of the suspension.
Looking through the drivers compartment at the front portion of the main chassis frame

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