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Australian 1/35 scale Centurions

Greg Moss

After market items included a vinyl mantlet cover (AFV Club), tracks (AFV Club), turret basket stowage (Firestorm), steel plate mudguards & stowage bin reinforcement (Mouse House), decals (Mouse House & Arms Corps Models) and water jerries (Mouse House). Some of the tools and the small spot light near the MG were from my spares box. Scratch-built items included search light cover (tissue paper), aerials (styrene rod) and tool box tie down straps, which I made from lead foil.

Brian Richardson

Brian has built several Australian Centurions as used in Vietnam using the AFV Club Centurion Mk.5 and a range of Mouse House resin and decal products.

Centurion Mk.5/1 Centurion Dozer.  ARN169071 served in Vietnam from April 1970 to June 1971 when all Centurion were returned to Australia.

Centurion Mk.5/1 ARV Mk.2 - this is the Accurate Armour resin kit

Centurion Mk.5/1 (vehicle name Phouc Me) ARN 169064  Vietnam December 1969

Mick Toal

Mick Toal of Sydney built “The Very Diabolical” – callsign Four Charlie, 4 Troop, C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, Vietnam 1970-71 – using the excellent AFV Club Centurion Mk5/1 as a basis. The guards were replaced with scratch built representations of the 5/16 sheet steel reinforced guards, the hull bins, long range fuel tank and covered IR light came from Firestorm. The wheels were replaced with resin items from Legends to replace the inadequate soft rubber parts supplied with the kit. All grab handles were replaced with brass rod and fuze wire. The kit’s turret basket mesh was replaced with aluminium architectural mesh. The resin spare wheels, water jerries, mud scrapers and star picket reinforcement for the turret basket came from Mouse House. The barbed wire is Verlinden photo etch. Long time readers of Australian and New Zealand Defender with an eye for detail may recognize the crew figures from the 1/35th Tamiya model featured in the first issue way back in 1994. The grass is a HO railway accessory from Hornby. After the mud was applied, the kit was given a smattering to gloss varnish to simulate rain.

Brett Kerford

Buku Boom Boom II

The Centurion is a AFV Club kit which was painted with the WEM Olive Drab paint available from Mouse House & had some resin parts both from Mouse Armour & Firestorm Models. All the while using your Centurion and FSV reference books.  The Centurion is covered in red dust so common during the summer months in South Vietnam.

Shane Davis (Photos by Barry Crook)


Shane has used the AFV Club Centurion Mk.5/1 with the addition of Mouse House (enhancements kit, Decals and jerrycans) and the Firestorm covered mantlet. Shane has used some of the more risqué decals available.

Michael Koudstaal (Centurion : Warlord)


The model has been converted using Mouse Armour conversions bits together with Metal track links and photo etch brass fittings. The Centurion has been completed as WARLORD ARN 169068 which was a troop leader's tank of 4 troop 1970.  It should be noted that Michael has scratchbuilt the skeletal idler wheel which is now available from Mouse Armour.

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This Centurion represents a Centurion Mk5 LR of the RAAC in South Vietnam. I used the Modelcraft/Academy Mk3 Kit and added a turret basket, spare roadwheels, a .30cal mg and a 100 gallon long range fuel tank at the rear.. I didn't make any effort to convert the kit from a Mk3 to a Mk5 due to the minimal differences" David Andrew, Raymond Terrace NSW

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