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Australian Land Rovers

These  models by Peter Derges show the variety of Series II Land Rovers used as Long Range Patrol vehicles

Greg Moss has used the Aussie Armour Series III Land Rover conversion and 1 ton trailer to make this nice looking model.



Brian Thewlis has used the Italeri Series 3 Land Rover and converted it to an Australian FFR Land Rover from the 1980's.  He used the Aussie Armour-  Series III Land rover Conversion, Aussie Armour 1 ton Trailer kit, Aussie Armour Radio Set Provided the VRC-46 and AMU Units and Mouse House Bar tread Land rover wheels.

Peter Derges has used Mouse House scale drawing and some Land Rover items (MA115 / MA118) from the catalogue to build the "Blood Box" LWB Land Rover ambulance and SWB 106mm RR Land Rove.  Both used by the Australian Army during the 1960-70s.

Paul Ramsden sent in these images of his Tamiya Pink Panther  converted to an Australian short wheelbase 106mm recoilless armed Land Rover.

Shane Davis has also converted a Pink Panther into the gun buggy version of the Australian short wheelbase 106mm recoilless armed Land Rover.  The 106mm RR was often emplaced around the base perimeter which allowed the SWB Land Rover to be used for convoy escort duties.  Shane's other model is the Series II Long wheel base Land Rover as used in Vietnam by Australian Troops. (using Mouse Armour MA118 conversion set for the Pink Panther and Australian Olive Drab lustreless paint).

  The LWB Series II Land Rover has the one piece rear end whereas the model below has the standard rear tailgate - both were used in Vietnam and both options are available when using the MA118 conversion kit.

John Myszka used the MA118 conversion set as well to make this gun buggy version.  Information provided by a Vietnam Veteran who served as a RAASC driver (driving International ACCO 4x4 and 6x6 trucks) stated that a section of water pipe was welded to a sheet of tread plate that would fit into the wheel well of a SWB Land Rover.  This size would also fit into any open topped SWB or LWB Land rover.  The pipe was braced with small fillets of steel plate and weighed down with sand bags.  A pintle mounting point was welded into the top of the pipe and the M60 added.  A small cylinder of plastic was added to represent a tin can over which the ammo belt would feed - to eliminate / reduce jams.  The only thing to be added is two grab handles at each end of the tread plate.


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