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Australian Light Tank Mk.VIA / B


Light Tank Mk.VIA by Rod Cairns
There were a few mods I had to make to the basic kit.  I had to cut away the lower of the two angled flat panels below the forward exhaust cover (above the RH return roller) as Vulcan portrays this area as fully enclosed. Also, the loaderís hatch in the kit is a later type.  I left out the splash guard part and went with the existing hatch halves with some scratched hinges. Itís not really accurate but it gives the idea. If you were to ever update the conversion, a new loaderís hatch might be good as the Mk VIA hatch has a somewhat conical profile rather than domed and is much simplified over later marks. I also drilled through the rear view mirror mounting tabs on the bonnet and used .020Ē lockwire to make a new mirror post.  The bends arenít quite accurate but itíll do me. The suspension is a nightmare to put together and, as I feared, the link and length tracks came up short on the rear left. This is due to all the moving arms and springs affecting the overall length of the track run. Iíll scratch up the missing link once my blood pressure subsides! Without doubt the most frustrating design possible, thanks Vulcan!   A company called Sovereign do replacement resin spring assemblies but I wasnít prepared to spend any more $ on this kit.


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