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Australian 5 tonne R600s MACK truck modelled by Mario Biagi

The Mack just won Truck Model of the Month in 'Truckin Life' magazine for October.  Scored a 2nd in the Heavy Trucks Open section at the South Australian Scale Model Expo 2001 at the weekend for my Mack which I chained the 110 down onto. The 110 is the same 1/25 size as the Mack but is way to big for the tray if you know the size of the truck.

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Basic cab/chassis and a few bits and pieces supplied from Charlie at ‘CJ Scale Auto Parts’ in Queensland now in Victoria.  Air bag suspension, wheel rims, lights, front axle, etc supplied from Nigel at ‘Auslowe Model Accessories’ in Tasmania ,and a local hobby shop dealer Tony at ‘The Model Trading Post’ in Adelaide.  Over 200 plus photos of Mack Wrecker and tray top from Workshop Company at 9 BASB, Warradale Army Barracks, S.A.  My own Mack Instruction book from my Army B9 Mack drivers course.

I started with cab, making mirror arms using brass rod, air filters made from pipes and washers cut to shape. Airflow pipes behind mesh from plastic rod.  Windscreen and windows made from clear sheet supplied with cab.  it took three attempts to get the windscreen in place without smears.  The engine - pipes and cooler made from plastic strips, filler and brass pipe offcuts.  The chassis - extended 1 inches at rear then another 12mm in the centre. Bonnet and guards firstly made from paper then made from 0.8 mm aluminium and bent on a proper bend machine at work along with the front bumper bar.

Bonnet fitted with dollhouse door hinges that do actually work.  The air bag and air tanks fitted to chassis. Large tank made form brass pipe. Toolboxes made from ‘kids smarty boxes’ with plastic covering the shape. Checker plate for fuel tank and front guards from ‘Eduard’ modern check plate’.

Front wheel rims were filled with putty then redrilled along with bringing out   the centres to protrude. Rear bogies are stock except near the air valve which were too big.  Tyres were flat and too large so about 12 mm from the circumference inwards was removed. The groves were made with a soldering iron and each tyre grove was melted 3 times in different directions.

The spare wheel lift does work by lifting the top lever and dropping the wheel down.

Vehicle painted in Australian Army ‘Olive Drab’ 2 pack paint and was painted as each section was completed. Cab, chassis, guards and bonnet, tray.

The project took about 6 mths to collect parts and 5 mths part time to build. Drybrushing by Tim.

The M113 on the tray is 1/35 (no special effects just using the lens right - 1 shot).  A 1/25 Aussie Land Rover is coming to mount on the tray as yet no one makes a M113 in 1/25.

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