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Australian 4 tonne Unimog 1700L modelled by Stephen Mortimer

I started with the Revell Unimog and the Aussie Armour Hamel 105mm gun.  I didn't extend the trucks cargo deck (I wasn't that brave !!!) So it's short wheel base 'Mogg !  However I did, convert it to Right Hand Drive, and swapped the exhaust over to the right. I also relocated and re-arranged the Jerry can holder, and made up the bull bar from scratch. The wheel hubs are also altered to .....well at least Not German Army type. My main reference was the Australian Unimog walkaround from this website.

The only problem was the reference for the sighting gear on the L119 Gun. I found precious little, and the instructions are quite unclear at this point ?

I have also 'weathered' the Hex tarp from Arms Corps Models on the Unimog, as I thought the green and tan were a bit "washed out" ?

 In progress photos can be seen at

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