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Australian Sherman tanks

Model by Ian Stuart

The M4 Sherman is one of three that were used in War Office trials in North Nerand, Queensland around July 1944 and in Madang, New Guinea around August 1944. The other 2 Shermans used were an M4 Composite and an M4A2 both of which now reside in the RAAC Tank Museum, Puckapunyal. This particular vehicle ended it's career as a hard target on the range at Puckapunyal.

The model was built to depict the vehicle as it appeared in the trials in Queensland before being shipped to New Guinea where it later had the name 'The Stag', along with a picture of a stag, applied.

The kit used is the Tamiya M4 Early with a modified front to remove the periscope housings, modified antenna mount to represent the early welded type and removal of the pistol port from the turret. The suspension and grousers are from Academy and the tracks are from Italeri which I managed to stretch to prevent them pulling the bogies up at each end as they are very stiff. Various minor scratchbuilt items were added, such as grouser racks and brush guards for the periscopes

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