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The Australian Yeramba 25pdr self propelled gun
by Timothy Wyatte

The base kit was a Dragon Sexton (DR6760) with parts taken from a Tamiya Lee.  I could have used the Tamiya side armour plates with rivets and doors but the Tamiya parts were almost two millimetre thick. Other than the doors there is no detail on them.  Sanding them down to a suitable thickness and then modifying the Sexton side armour was just to much effort.  The rear outer engine wall and exhaust and overhang came from the Tamiya kit, very little was needed to be done for it to fit the Sexton.  The front guards also came from the Lee, they needed to be shortened by width and length.  With a bit more thought the front differential housing should of been used, it is different from the Sexton (photo shows how)  Two spare road wheels also came from the Lee.  The two rear hull storage boxes came from the Lee, they are wrong in height and length.  There is supposed to be a spare spring stowed on the left rear mud guard, but this looked miniscule compared to reference photos, so I left it off.  I did use one for the aerial mount though.  Other than some dodgy attempts at storage lockers no mods were done to the interior.  The drivers hatch is actually a few MM to high, the Sexton's bottom edge was right on the crease were the angled front armour meets the vertical armour.  Access handles on one side are a little to big, I didn't want to use wire and drill through the hull and create more work for my self.  There should be a spare track length on the front armour, I didn't have any spare to put there so I left it off, the tracks also came from the Lee.  he tracks from the Sexton were the "chevron type" and I think I might save them. (plus they are moulded in a yellow/orange colour)  Painted with Humbrol 75 and some other Humbrol, the dial sight has a brass shooting scale painted with gold paint pen.  I wanted to use the dial sight carrier and fuze setter cases from the Tamiya 25 pounder but I've lot them, besides I wasn't sure where they went, I was just going put them "somewhere".  I don't have any reference for markings other than the Yeramba up at Cairns, it has a Artillery tactical sign of 22, to the best of my knowledge it probably should be 4* (40 something).  I am also wary of the 3 Division tactical  sign.  I also have not seen any Army Registration Numbers or Battery tactical  signs, if 22Regt had three Batteries (P,Q and R ?) they all would have a slightly different Battery tactical sign with the gun number letter. 

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