Mouse House Enterprises 1998-2020

 We published out first book in November 1998 and have now published eight books – three on Israeli Military vehicles and five on post World War II Australian military vehicles.  We started to produce resin update sets in 2002 and have focussed on Australian update sets for Centurions Leopard AS1s, Abrams, M113A1s, ASLAVs, Land Rovers and artillery pieces.  We took over Austencil, Aussie Armour and ArmorBits over the years.  We had a partnership with Arms Corps Models for several years which was a great time.

 After 22 years it is time to give it away and retire and we will cease trading on 30 September 2020.  The following series will be finished:

 We will be selling remaining stock but we also have this offer:

We will continue to sell our Military Briefs series of books until stocks run out at which point they to will be gone.

Whilst we made many masters in house, we would particularly like to thank our master makers – Tony O’Connor (Aussie Armour), JD King, Michael Koudstaal, Alan Currey, Chris Evenden, Jason Miller (Arms Corps Models), Gordon Branch and Brian Richardson.  The skills of these modellers are superb.

 The Future

We do still have a small list of update sets we wish to make and these will be released as very limited production runs when they are ready. These new updates will be announced on our Facebook page “Mouse House Enterprises” when the new kits become available

 Our website

The Mouse House Enterprise part of the website will be deleted on 30 September 2020.  The research side of the site will remain open and expanded as articles become available for the foreseeable future.

 Should there be any manufacturers out there that would like to make an offer on some or all of our masters and moulds please contact us at for further information.

Thank you to all the modellers around the world who have supported us with their purchases and support.

 Regards and keep modelling
John and Liz Myszka


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