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About us

Mouse House Enterprises – Who are We??

 We are an Australian based one man operation at this time.  In the past our resin was cast by several resin casters in Australia but these are now both stopped casting.  One for health reasons – he became allergic to polyurethane resin.  The second Arms Corps Models has closed shop indefinitely (at the time of writing).


I cast 95% of our products myself in an un-air-conditioned garage. It is simply impractical to air condition a garage with east and west facing roller doors.  This means that when the internal temperature gets above 250C the resin goes off too quickly to be poured into moulds. This means we can only cast about 6-8 months of the year.

 Research Philosophy.

Our philosophy is to base all our products on actual measurements taken of the real vehicle or based on dimensions from official sources.  We master all our own products and do not pirate other items.  We do use few products from other producers after getting written approval e.g. Arms Corps Models 50 cal ammo cans.

 We make our own masters or have them made by a small group of incredibly talented master makers.  Some of these master makers I am sure are in league with elves or the devil.

 Mail order service.

We provide an exceptional good mail order service – order today and it will be in the mail tomorrow morning.  You can choose whatever delivery system you wish but you will pay those charges,   We send all items within Australia with tracking numbers. Overseas orders can be tracked but it costs a bit more.  We do not take responsibility for damage during mailing as we have no control over the postal services.  We do wrap all our parcels very well.

 We try to deliver a complete package of products so that you can build accurate Australian military vehicles:

 As we know major manufacturers produce models that they hope will sell and these are generally based on the major powers.  There are a few exceptions.  They often get their research badly wrong and that is what keeps after market manufacturers in business.

 So…………….if you have some ideas about what we might produce please send us an email and help with research / dimension / images etc. A customer sent us a list of items that could be made and our particular Australian pattern jerrycans, milk crates and eskies came into being.

 John and Liz Myszka
Canberra ACT
February 2018.


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