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Our Policies

We make every attempt to make our conversion and update sets as accurate as possible, based on information taken from the real thing.  That does involve taking many photos and many measurements.  We take these ourselves or are provided by interested modellers / researchers.

Our models and conversion sets are based on the best information available to us but in some cases we still have to guess some aspects of some kits.  If you find that a particular part is inaccurate then by all means let us know where we have gone wrong and we will rectify the part / s.  We continually improve our current conversion sets as more accurate information comes to hand or our casting techniques improve.  For example - MA120 ASLAV PC - now comes with the two from hatches open to be able to accept crew figures

We try to produce items that work with plastic kits that are produced by the major manufacturers.  Generally we specify a particular manufacturer we have used for the conversion / update set.  It is up to the modeller to either use that manufacturer's plastic kit as a base or try another one in the same scale.  If it is based on another manufacturer's kit then some parts may not fit perfectly.  ALL 1/35 models of a particular prototype are not identical.

All our masters are made by modellers who have researched their particular conversion and gone to the trouble of allowing us to produce the conversions for other modellers.

Our sales policy is that we will send the models / books by the next available post in order to get it to you as soon as possible - assuming stocks are available.  We only debit your credit card on the day of dispatch.  More info on payments  Should there be any delays we will notify you and we will also notify you when the item is sent.

If you place an order or request a cost we will put aside the models for a maximum of 7 days.  If you have not paid for these or made some arrangement these models will be put back on the shelves after that period.   UPDATED

"If you purchased our products and like them please tell your friends.   If you have an issue with our products please tell us first"

Further to the stated company policy above, if you buy one of our products and you find that it does not meet your expectations please contact us to see what we can do to improve the kit.  Contact us  There have been several instances when we have produced a conversion set and someone more closely familiar with the real thing has pointed out inaccuracies.  We have responded with a modified part to that set and everyone benefits.

If you find that some parts are missing from the more complex kits with many parts, contact us and we will send out the missing part.    Contact us

Damaged / replacement
Damaged parts will need to be returned to our address before they will be replaced.    Contact us

Should you wish some individual parts from one of our kits - simply ask and we can negotiate a price .  Postage will be extra.   Contact us

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