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August 2019  - Comparing T50 turrets in the market - a comparison of available T50 turrets currently available.  Waiting for the AFV CLUB AFV35291 new Australian M113A1 with T50 turret

June 2019 -  New addition to the Abrams 1/16th scale accessories

April 2019 - Guidelines on how to build and Australian Abrams using the Meng TS-032 kit

March 2019 -  1/16th scale  modern Australian 5 man rations packs,  Australian Pattern water Jerry cans and Abrams decals. New Mouse Armour MA103 Raven AMUs, MA114 Abrams fridge, MA706 Owen sub machine guns, MA202A  1/35 Australian M113AS4 APC running gear with T150F track links  (10 sets only).  Aussie Armour M113A1 ARVL External model only will be available in April 2019.

February 2019 - Military Briefs No.7 Australian M113A1 family of vehicles 1972 -2013 will be available from 18 January 2019. It has been a long time coming but it is finally here. Over 70 ex serving members provided images for the book.  1/16th scale  modern Australian 5 man rations packs,  Australian Pattern water Jerry cans and Abrams decals

October 2018 -  MA202 is now available for general purchase - all interested modellers have been contacted.  ALL Remanning copies of Military Briefs 1 (FSV/MRV) and  4 (ASLAV) are with these two distributors and then out of print

August 2018 - Gallery updates 1/35 M113A1 T50  and M125A1 mortar carriers. Catalogue has been updated. New Mouse Armour update set MA112 Short wheel base Land Rover 106mm RR / gun buggy.  Walkaround of the SWB Land Rover 106mm RR.

May 2018 - Two new 1/25 scale Centurion models in the gallery

February 2018 - Production of MA202 M113AS4 has started again in house.  We have sent out the info to those at the top of this list and hope to have the backlog cleared before the end of 2018

January 2018 - Aussie Armour L5 Italian pack Howitzer complete kit released.

Christmas 2017- Hawkei 1/72, 1/72 Decals, MAD634 635  decals, 1/25 and 1/16 Austeyr F88AS2, for sale updatedLinks updated and we continued to stock Beno's Model Bits.

July 2017 - New products - Ammunition racks for Australian M113A1 FOV in Vietnam  We now stock  Beno's model bits

March 2017 - New product include  A T50 turret set for external models (no interior detail) carbon fibre aerials cast with AS1729 VRC AMU.

November 2016 - Some of our products are being improved - MA113 T50 turret, AA356 Austeyrs - product improvement and improvement in moulds and casting.  Other new products are being worked on and some should become available in 2017.  There are ongoing problems with casting our MA202 M113AS4 APC.  A resolution is being actively pursued and hopefully production will improve in the new year.  Until this issue is sorted out no new variants will be produced.

September 2016 - Long Tan conversion kit, Australian M113A1 modelling guide updated, Catalogue updated, Model Gallery Australian DINGO, ASLAV gallery  and a series of articles on Australian M113A1s in South Vietnam

August 2016 - Catalogue updated.  New Mirror Models kits now available.

July 2016 - Book sale 2016.  Check our catalogue for resin items coming back on stream.

June 2016 - The catalogue is now fully uploaded.  Please advise the webmaster should any of the links not work. A summary of Leopard AS1 development 1977 - 2007

April 2016 -   Australian Leopard AS1 development 1977-2007.  A summary and guide to Leopard AS1gun tank variants. Model gallery shows a converted Yeramba 25pdr self propelled gun and 1/25 Australian Centurion.

February 2016 - MA202 M113AS4 APC has reached production status and is being sent out to modellers who have registered interest. Walk around of an M113AS4 APC

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