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Mouse Armour Conversion sets for the 1/16th Abrams kits

For a limited time only

MA1605 - Abrams fridge + power box + umbrella stand. The Abrams fridge is mounted on a plate and held in place by a collar.  The power cable from the fridge terminates at a power box mounted on the rear edge of the turret.  To the 7 o'clock position of the commanders hatch is a base plate for fitting  the barracuda umbrella.

MA1606 - Australian pattern water jerry cans  (each) Resin water jerrycan with laser engraved Australian pattern markings.  Up to five water jerrycans were carried in the turret basket/s.

MA1607 - Modern Australian Army ration packs (5) This is printed card and each sheet makes five 5 man ration boxes, to fill the turret basket.


1/16th decals for the Abrams

MAD1626  A squadron 1st Armoured Regiment

MAD1627 B Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment



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