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BOOK SALE - updated Janaury 2019

We published our first book in 1998 and have published several books since then.  The most recent book MILITARY BRIEF NO.5 AUSTRALIAN LEOPARD AS1 FAMILY OF VEHICLES was published in 2014. The earlier books have been reprinted several times as funds became available but the stocks are running low.  Military Briefs No.3 Australian Centurions in Vietnam sold out in 2015.

We are now working on MILITARY BRIEF NO.7 AUSTRALIAN M113A1 FAMILY OF VEHICLES POST 1972.  This book is planned for release in 2018.

So here is the deal:

  1. Purchase a copy of MILITARY BRIEF NO.5 AUSTRALIAN LEOPARD AS1 FAMILY OF VEHICLES at its discounted price $35.00 and
  2. Receive 50% discount on other books listed below.  This does not include any discount on our new book  - Military Briefs No.7

    Israeli Military Vehicles 1948-1998

    Military Briefs No.2 - Israeli Tank Based Carriers

    Military Briefs No.6 - Israeli Improvised Armoured Vehicles and Jeeps 1948-1949


  3. Postage at cost

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