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Israeli Military Vehicles The First 50 Years 1948-1998
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Inevitably mistakes happen. There are some errors in fact and in editing and as these are discovered they will be added here for this book.

If you are aware of any mistakes, inaccuracies, mis-captions please notify me at and I will add them to the list.



Location Amendment
Page 34 Meir was an M4A2 not M4A1 as stated
Page 44 plan The plan should show the base vehicle being an M5/9 with flat section mudguards and rounded rear corners. It was not based on an M2 half track.
Page 56 top photo The half tracks are towing a 160mm Soltam mortar not a 120mm as stated
Page 57 M10 Achilles.   These tanks were used until about 1965 but were retired due to lack of overhead protection.
Page 59 . M50 Mk.1.  I am advised that this version had the petrol not diesel Continental engine.
Page 64 M50 ambulance.   The ambulance was produced at the end of the M50 production run rather than the other way around as suggested by the original caption.
Page 71 centurion.   This is in fact a late diesel engined and up armoured centurion as evidenced by the US Patton style light clusters.
Page 73 Bottom photo was taken during the 1973 war.  One brigade in 1973 still operated  centurions without diesel engines.
Page 74 bottom photo The instructors seat is just that.  It is not suggested that anyone would ever use it in combat.
Page 83 top photo M48A3 not M48A2
Page 85 para 5 Some M60s were fitted with steel M48 roadwheels for better protection.
Page 86 Magach 7s are only built on M60s as the M48s are being phased out of service along with Centurions and captured Soviet T55/62 tanks.
Page 88 middle photo The Sabra tank is an export model and is not used by the IDF
Page 98 para 5 The M727 HAWK is still operational
Page 104 This is obviously an M48 not M60
Page 111 Middle photo This is in fact an MT55 Bridgelayer identified by the smooth bridge decking with non skid surface
Page 128 middle photo This is the suspension of a Merkava III not 1/2 as stated
Page 156 This is an example of the M109A5 "Doher" and not an M109A2 as stated

Jacob Kraus, John Tapsell, Trevor Alfred, Bruce Crosby and Peter Regan have all provided corrections and comments seen above.

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