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IDF Military Vehicles 1948-1998 The First 50 Years

ISBN 0 646 36002 7

226 PAGES, A4 soft cover, perfect bound containing over 230 photos and 36 1/76 scale plans.  Cost to overseas customers is $Aust 70.00 including AIRMAIL postage  Payment options

The book describes the development of IDF military vehicles from the earliest sandwich armoured trucks of 1948 through captured vehicles to Shermans, Centurions and Pattons up to the latest Israeli designed Merkava III and the super MBT based engineer assault vehicles. 

Each vehicle group has its own chapter and is generally supported by 1/76 scale constant scale plans and photos.  Photos have been selected from private collections, manufacturers and government sources. Most are seen here for the first time.

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1 Historical perspective
2 Israeli Sandwich Armour
3 Early Captured Vehicles 1948-49
4 The Sherman In Israeli Service
5 US Half Tracks In Israeli Service
6 Israeli Special Purpose Sherman
7 The Centurion Sh'ot
8 American Patton Tanks - Magach
9 M113 APC (Zelda) in IDF Service
10 Blazer Explosive Reactive Armour
11 Captured Soviet Main Battle Tanks
12 Captured Armoured Personnel Carriers
13 Merkava - Home Grown Tank
14 Jeeps in Israeli Service
15 Soft Skin Support Vehicles
16 Tank Transporters
17 US Modern Self Propelled Artillery
18 French AMX Tanks
19 Indigenous Designs
20 Towed Artillery
21 Self Propelled Rocket Artillery
22 Armoured cars
23 Engineer equipment
24 Big Cats and Cruelty
25 The Illusive Israeli Colour
26  Israeli Military Markings
27 Supply of Equipment

Appendix A     The Sherman Tank of World War II
Appendix B     References and Further Reading
Appendix C     IDF Museums Containing Military Vehicles
Appendix D     Military Vehicle Scale Plans
Appendix E     United States Army Ordnance Vehicle and Engine Nomenclature
Appendix F     Scale it down, scale it up
Appendix G     IDF terms

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