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Military Briefs No.1 - Australian Fire Support Vehicles

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76 pages, A4 soft cover, saddle stitched containing over 110 large clear photographs and cutaway technical drawings approx 1/35 scale. The only complete reference you will need to detail inside and out the Tamiya Saladin FSV and the recently released AFV Club M113A1 FSV (actually an MRV).

The book is the first major work to cover this type of vehicle. The book details the development and vehicle description of both the Saladin fire support vehicle and the Scorpion medium reconnaissance vehicles. The Saladin’s active service in Vietnam is covered for the first time. The text is supported by extracts from vehicle manuals, specifications, ammunition charts and photos of preserved vehicles that detail the general, internal and external and close up parts of both vehicles. Camouflage and markings for both vehicles are covered in some detail.  Most photos are seen here for the first time and have come from private collections.

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Book review:

Reviewed favourably by Peter Brown on Page 49 in Military Modelling Vol.30 No.2 2000
Reviewed favourably by Andrew Evans on Page 12
in Military in Scale May 2000.
Reviewed positively by L.N in "on the shelf" on Page 60 in Military Modelcraft International February 2000


Carrier, Fire Support, Full Track, M113A1 (FS) Saladin Turret
Operational use
Upgrade program
Vehicle description
A Quick guide to Australian Army camouflage and markings
Vietnam six markings
Photos - fire support vehicle general
Photos - close up
Photos - internal
Photos - in service in Vietnam
Carrier, Fire Support, Full Track, M113A1 (S) Scorpion Turret
Vehicle description
Photos - prototypes
Photos - general
Photos - internal
Photos - in service
Photos - camouflage and markings

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