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Military Briefs No.2 - Israeli Tank Based Carriers by Marsh Gelbart

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76 pages, A4 soft cover, saddle stitched containing over 120 large clear photographs plus four pages in colour and three 1/76 scale plans.  Written by Marsh Gelbart who has been a contributor to many military magazines over the years , including various Jane's magazines.

The book covers the development of the Israeli Kangaroos based on obsolescent hulls of the Centurion and T54/55 main battle tanks. Vehicles covered include the Centurion based Nagmashot, Nagmachon, Nakpadon, Puma and the T54/55 based Achzarit. There is very little published on this subject and this book brings it all together.  Each vehicle is covered by general and detailed views as well as  some active service photos of these unique IDF vehicles.

The scale plans are of an early Nagmashot and production versions of the Puma and Achzarit. 

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Book review:

Reviewed in Military Modelling January 2001 


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