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Military Briefs No.4 - ASLAV Australian Light Armoured Vehicle by John Myszka


ISBN 0-9577586-3-4

168 pages of full colour, A4 soft cover, perfect bound with 500+ colour images including 14 appendices.  The forward has been generously provided by Mr Kim Beasley who was the Minister of Defence who authorised the purchase of Phase 1 vehicles.

The book covers the LAV trial vehicles, ASLAV Phases 2 and 3 in detail and provides walkaround images of all phases and variants including some trial vehicles.  Markings and call signs are well covered. A full description of all modifications made to Australian ASLAVs are covered in detail with text and supporting images.

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An ideal book for the modeller or historian

Topics covered include:

Appendices include:

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