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Military Briefs No.5 - Australian Leopard AS1 Family of Vehicles by John Myszka and others - CORRECTIONS


    ISBN 0-9577586-5-0

   192 pages , A4 soft cover, perfect bound with 450+ black and white images.  There are also two sets of scale drawings of the 2007 version of the Leopard AS1 in 1/35 and 1/72 scales.  There are also ten appendices. 

   1. Statements in this book about Canadian Leopard hulls and turrets may not be strictly accurate.  It could be 30 years (the time the Government releases information to the public) before we finally know what happened. A reasoned argument goes something like this:

The turrets the Australian Army bought for white goods were C1 ex-Canadian Leopard C1, and the hulls were 1A5 hulls ex-German. Both the hulls and turrets were left overs from the deal that secured the Canadians their original C1 hulls matched to 1A5 turrets to make the Canadian C2 – so there were no spare C1 hulls, only the 1A5 hulls from which Canada sourced the 1A5 turrets to make their C2.  

Who ‘owned’ them by the time they were surplused, that is, who did Australia actually pay for them?  Could have been the Canadians, could have been the German company, depends upon the terms and conditions of the actual Canadian-German upgrade deal. Until the files become available at either end of the Australian -Canadian / German deal, with the details, then we are all just guessing. But the essential fact is that the hulls were 1A5 German tanks (with the ARVM-like exhaust grills), and the turrets were C1 Canadian. (advice from Michael Schackleton & Mike Cecil)

2.    The ARN of the gate guardian at :




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