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Military Briefs No.6 - Israeli Improvised Armoured Vehicles and Jeeps 1947- 49 by John Myszka


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    ISBN 0-9577586-4-2

   128 pages , A4 soft cover, perfect bound with 260+ black and white images , most of which have not been published before.  There are also 15 1/35 scale plans and 4 appendices. 

   I have been researching the information for this book since 1998 and had the scale drawings done in 2001.  Some drawings have been refined more recently as a result of ore detailed information becoming available.

   An ideal book for the modeller or historian interested in this period on Israeli military vehicle development during this early period of the Israeli Defence Forces. 

   A good companion book to Military Briefs No.2 Israeli Tank based carriers by Marsh Gelbart and Israeli Military vehicle 1948-1998.  The First 50 years.       Both books are still available but only in limited numbers as they were both published some years ago.  Both of these books will not be reprinted when they are sold out.


THE BOOK SELLS FOR $AUD50.00 PLUS POSTAGE see Catalogue for other Mouse House books on Israeli vehicles.

Topics covered include improvised armoured vehicles built on

  • civilian trucks;

  • CMP 15 and 30cwt trucks;

  • Roadblock buster trucks;

  • US 1.5 ton 4x4 trucks;

  • US 2.5 ton 6x6 trucks;

  • Dodge weapons carrier;

  • White scout car;

  • Locally built armoured cars;

  • C15TA armoured trucks;

  • Otter recce cars;

  • Marmon Herrington Mk.IVF;

  • M5 half tracks

  • 6 pounder half tracks;

  • 20mm turreted half tracks

  • 37mm turreted half tracks;

  • armed jeeps; and

  • armoured Jeeps.

Appendices include:
  • Israeli Operation names;
  • Major Israeli military units during the War of Independence
  • Selected Bibliography; and
  • Sandwich armoured models.



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