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Military Briefs No.7 Australian M113A1 Family of Vehicles 1972-2013 by John Myszka and others

 ISBN 0-9577-586-7-7

The book has 305 pages full colour book with over 1000 images.  The book has walkarounds of  M113A1 T50 turreted APC, T50 turret, M125A1 81mm mortar car, M577A1 command vehicle, M806A1 Armoured light recovery vehicle, M113A1 Fitters vehicle, M113A1 Saladin turreted fire support vehicle, M113A1 Scorpion turreted medium reconnaissance vehicle, M548A1 tracked load carrier, M113A1 with 106mm RCL and Milan ATM. Experimental vehicles based on the M113A1 APC.

 Camouflage both experimental and official is addressed as well as markings over the years.  M113A1 FOV in service during Somalia, Rwanda and Timor are separately covered.

 Finally M113A1 FOVs are shown in service during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

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The book is printed on good quality gloss paper and therefore weighs 1268gms, (plus packaging).


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