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Austencil Photo etched stencils for Australian Armoured Units.

Austencil 2 to 5 (each)
$AUD20.00 plus postage
Austencil set of 4 (2 to 5) $75.00 plus postage

The set consists of brass photoetched frets that provides stencils.   These include hull numbers, letters and squadron signs as well as army registration numbers serials

                                    Austencil 6

Kangaroos and scorpions plus others


Stencil shows

  • Kangaroos in several sizes,

  • a map of Australia seen on some M113a1s in Vietnam

  • the (yellow) 1 ATF shield in Vietnam

  • 3 Cavalry scorpion used in Vietnam - 2 sizes.

The kangaroos stencil can be used on rough and surfaces where decals will not adhere.

The right hand images shows the stencil used on a piece of plastic sheeting

Austencil 5

5/7 RAR Mechanised and 5 RAR & 7 RAR after the units were delinked in early 2008.

34cav.jpg (31675 bytes) Austencil  4

3rd Cavalry Regiment &
3/4 Cavalry Regiment

Austencil 3

2nd Cavalry Regiment for M113A1 and subsequently ASLAV FOVs.

as01.jpg (32471 bytes) Austencil 2

1st Armoured Regiment for Leopards AS1 and support vehicles

For a review of the Austencil please visit the Perth Military Modelling site

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