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Mouse Armour Decals.

These decal sets are now available in 1/35 scale - check the catalogue for details.

Mouse Armour Decals

MAD 606  1/35 scale waterslide decals for Leopard tanks of 1st Armoured Regiment and vehicles used by the School of Armour.  The sheet includes:

  • Bridging circles
  • Unit Christmas trees
  • leopard heads for the turret
  • traditional names (names that have been used since Vietnam) and call signs
  • army registration numbers
  • 1 Brigade formation sign
  • School of armour symbol, and
  • tank troop palm tree

  Researched by Anthony Duus and Jeremy King

MAD 607 1/35 scale waterslide decals of Australian kangaroo symbols.  These can be used for:
  • large red roos for ASLAVS in Iraq
  • small red roos for Abrams
  • small white roos for M113A1s in Vietnam
  • small Black roos for ASLAVS in Iraq
  • yellow shield / red roo for 1st Australian task force Vietnam seen on Land Rovers, International  trucks, M113A1s and Centurions


MAD608  Australian Saladin Fire Support vehicles in Vietnam

The decal sheet provides all the markings for the 8 Saladin FSVs that went to Vietnam

  • XXXX
  • 134711 (UNAMED)


The best reference for these vehicles in Military Briefs No.1.


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