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These decal sets are now available - check the catalogue for details.

MAD610 1/35 Australian Buna M3 Stuarts

This decal sheets provides decals for M3 Stuarts used at the Buna attacks as well as M3 Stuarts used in Australia for training by the 2/6th Armoured Regiment.

Eight vehicles can be decaled from this sheet including the much photographed CAPT GORE and CAPT KIDD.


MAD612 1/35 Fire Support Base Coral Centurion 1968

Lt Jerry McCormack's 1st troop C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment stayed at FSPB Coral during the May- June 1968 battles.  The Centurions had only been in country for a few months and many of the subsequent in service modifications had not been commenced.  Three of the four 1st troop Centurions were named:

  • CHUCKUSUPACANOFPISS (in two styles)
  • fourth vehicle unnamed

The 2 Troop went to FSPB Balmoral.


These markings are for the additional troop of 3 Cavalry Regiment at this time.  The M113A1 APC with T50 turret was armed with two 30 calibre machine guns - one in the turret and one as a flex mount on the roof of the turret. Most images show the machine guns with flash eliminators fitted.


Now available in 1/35 and 1/25 scales

MAD614 1/35 scale Australian Centurion Dozers in Vietnam 1968-1971


MAD617 1/25 1/35 scale Australian Centurion Dozers in Vietnam 1968-1971 NEW

Markings for the three Centurion dozers that served in Vietnam during 1968-1971

ARN 169106 callsign 92A for most of its service life in Vietnam carried a range of markings over the 1968-1971 period.

MAD615 1/35 Australian Centurion 4 Troop 1969

Markings for 4 Troop that served as part of B Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment in South Vietnam 1969.

  • Been Seen & Done
  • Buku Boom Boom
  • Sweet Fanny; and
  • Uptight  Out of Sight (in no particular order)

MAD616 1/35 M113A1s in Vietnam

This sheet provides decals for three M113A1 with T50 turrets that served with 3 Cavalry Regiment in 1971.  The vehicles were called BLOOD/ SWEAT / & TEARS.

The M113A1s had the 30 cal on top of the turret as a flex mount and carried their callsigns on a plate bolted to each side of the hull.

MAD618 1/35 Australian Light Tank Mk.VIA and Mk.VIB

The early Australian Tank Corps (ATC) used ten Light tank Mk.VIAs for training until about 1943.  The markings provide markings for two vehicles markings from each ofr 1 ATC and 2 ATC

When the 6th, 7th and 9th Divisions went overseas they were equipped with  Light Tank Mk.VIB (ala Vulcan model) and universal carriers.  These vehicle were used by the Division's Cavalry units


These decal sets are now available - check the catalogue for details.

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