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Mouse Armour 72 Scale.

MA7201 1/72 Australian M113A1 with T50 turret update set for trumpeter M113A1 kits

This provides thin glue in sidewall panels with details in place for quick building. Fine aerial bases and brush guards further enhance the Trumpeter kits.  the Australian pattern plastic weather jerry cans are also included.

The update set gives option of 30/30 and 50/30 machine guns for the turret.

MA7203 Hawkei 4x4



This is the base vehicle that will be in service shortly.  No armament at this time until it is decided.

The kit comes with the hull, 4 wheels, rear brush guard and hatch



MA7203 1/72 Australian M113A1 with 50 calibre gun shield update set for trumpeter M113A1 kits  Coming soon

This decal set is  now available - check the catalogue for details.

MAD7201 - Australian Centurions in Vietnam


MAD7202 - Australian M113A1 in Vietnam

This is a compilation of  MAD612 + 613 + 616




MA7203 - Australian ASLAVs generic makings


These decals can also be used for Bushmasters and  Abrams tanks

These decal sets are now available - check the catalogue for details.

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