AUSTRALIAN 1/35 scale Leopard AS1 building guide


Leopard AS1 conversion bits can be found  here



1993 - 2005

Armour Bits Leopard AS1 conversion for Tamiya or Italeri Leopard 1 tanks.  The conversion is made up of resin and photoetch bits.  The resin bits provide items for the turret top, blanking piece for the left turret cheek, three hull stowage bins and front glacis rough ground cleats.

The large photoetch sheet provides rear engine meshes and two large turret baskets as well as some smaller pieces.


1977 - 1993

Aussie Armour set provides the same turret top bits as AB01 above as well as one rear turret stowage basket.  All items are resin.  This set results in a Leopard AS1 of the early 1980s when only one rear turret bin was fitted.


1993 - 2005

Mouse Armour Leopard AS1 circa 2007.  The main components are full width rear turret basket with fridge and umbrella bag.  Also included in the set is the engine air intake with photoetch mesh as well as all the Australian turret mods.

This kit includes a resin full width basket framework with photo etch mesh and a refrigerator.   NEW


1993 - 2005

A photoetch set that provides two turret baskets that conform to the inward sloping rear turret face.  This was the first double basket design.  NEW



1993 - 2005

A photoetch set that provides two turret baskets that are square and have stand off legs from the inward sloping rear turret face.  This was the second double basket design. NEW




Dozer attachment for Australian  (also Canadian and Dutch) Leopard 1 tanks



1977 - 2007

A Leopard AS1 conversion for the Meng Leopard 1A3 / 1A4.  Without any turret baskets this set models a 1977-1987 Leopard AS1.

This does not come with a turret basket - you can choose which turret basket you want - see MA116 OR MA117 OR MA121    NEW




This kit includes a resin full width basket framework with photo etch mesh and a refrigerator as used 2004 -2007   NEW




Australian produced L7A3 105mm gun.  The difference is that the specifications stated that the thermal sleeve would be held in place with hose clamps.  Most other nations use the more complex clips that the German Army uses.  NEW



1980s  2007

Hydraulic dampers.  These replaced the coils spring dampers in 1990.  NEW





1/35 scale 1st Armoured Regiment and School of Armour

MAD607 1/35 scale Australian Kangaroo symbols
MAD625  Leopard decal set 2 NEW
MAD630 Leopard decal set 3 NEW
MAD631 Leopard decal set School of Armour  NEW
MAD632 Leopard decal set 4  NEW


Olive Drab lustreless 1966-2006


FS30219 Brown 1993-2006


FS37038 Black 1993-2006


OZCAM three pack (contains three colours above)



Australian pattern water jerrycans as used from about 1965 onwards.  The 1977 Leopard AS1s were purposely fitted with two water jerry cans on the right rear vertical turret rear - as delivered.  Leopards often have one of the rear turret bins filled with water jerrycans.


Jerrycan in holders.  Australian Leopard AS1s when delivered in 1977 were fitted with two sets of four studs on the right rear of the turret.  These were for the mounting of Jerrycan holders to hold two plastic water jerry cans.


Modern Australian five man ration packs


Modern Australian one man ration packs



A complete equipment schedule for tanks and APC.  The stuff that you see on most vehicles within Australia.  Gas stove, gas bottle, ammo liners, half jerrycan, jaffle iron, 3 piece cook set, echelon bag, jumper leads etc.

Common Combinations

Vehicle to be modelled

Mouse Armour parts

Other kits required

As delivered 1977

MA303 + AA355 (do not use rear stowage bin) (painted in Federal German green)

MA122 Aust L7A3 105mm gun

1977- 1993

AA355 + MA303 + MA302 + MAP01

MA122 Aust L7A3 105mm gun

Early 1990

AB01 + MAP01

MA122 Aust L7A3 105mm gun

Post 1993

AB01 + MAP05

MA122 Aust L7A3 105mm gun
Final version 2007  NEW MA101 + MAP05 MA122 Aust L7A3 105mm gun

Dozer tank 1977 - 2007

AB01 + MA119 + paint depending on period see above

MA122 Aust L7A3 105mm gun


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