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Mouse House Enterprises, Australia publishes books and sells other products that relate to Australian and Israeli Military vehicles.

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Mouse House Books Israeli Military Vehicles 1948 - 1998
Military Briefs No.1 - Australian fire support vehicles
Military Briefs No.2 - Israeli tank based carriers
Military Briefs No.4 - Australian Light Armoured Vehicle  
Military Brief No.5 - Australian Leopard AS1 FOV Military Brief No.6 - Israeli Improvised Armoured vehicles and Jeeps 1947-49  
Mouse Armour  MA202 M113AS4 APC complete kit has just been released. Modellers on the interested list are being contacted as kits become available


Model paints Authentic colour matched AUSCAM paints for Australian military vehicles   These colours are matched to PROTEC cam paints used on current Australian camouflaged vehicles. 

The Olive Drab lustreless has been in use on Australian AFVs since 1966


Mouse Armour decals MAD 601, 602-605, 606-08  609 - 615, 616-617 619-622, MAD623 - MAD627  MAD7201-7202

Latest releases two sets of  decals for Australian ASLAV PCs serving in Timor, Iraq, Australia and Afghanistan.

Aussie Armour Australian resin conversion and detail sets including complete artillery resin kits. A reduced range of Aussie Armour kits is always available. 


Armour Bits Australian Leopard AS1 with large photoetch conversion set


Austencil Brass photo-etched Australian armour marking stencils for
  • 1st Armoured Regiment
  • 2nd cavalry Regiment
  • 3rd and 3/4th Cavalry Regiments
  • 5RAR, 7RAR and 5/7 RAR mechanised 
  • Kangaroos and Scorpions  NEW

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