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The Australian Army ordered ten Light tank Mk.VIA in March 1936 and they arrived in Australia during August 1937. 

Five vehicles were allocated to the Sydney unit of the Australian Tank Corps (ATC) and the other five to the Melbourne based 2nd Light tank company ATC.  The vehicles were retired from active service in 1943.

 The vehicles arrived with their British tank numbers and civilian number plates in situ.  These were replaced with the “DD” Department of Defence numbers and then later with “C” Commonwealth number plates as per this decal sheet.

Mouse Armour Decal sheet MAD618 contains markings for  a number of the Australian Australian Tank Corps Light tank Mk.VIA (as well as some Light tank Mk.VIBs.

Now whilst this backdate is based on the Australian model these were also used extensively by the British in North Africa, Malta and the Middle East.



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