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Mouse Armour - 1/35 scale Leopard AS1 conversion sets

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MA101 - Leopard AS1 2007
This is a retooled set that provides all the bits required to make a final version of the Leopard AS1 and includes a full width turret basket with fridge and barracuda umbrella bag.

It is specifically made for the Italeri Leopard 1A4 and thus a few components that would not be used if the base model was a Tamiya Leopard 1A4

The full width turret basket included in this conversion kit  is the same as below MA121

MA102 1/35 armoured sleeve for special equipment Leopards AS1 NEW


All Leopard AS1s that were configured to take the dozer blade or track width mine plough  would have had this feature fitted even at times when the attachment was not fitted.


MA116 - Leopard AS1 double conformal turret baskets (PE)

This basket has sloping forward side to conform with the rear slope of the Leopard turret



MA117 - Leopard AS1 double square turret baskets with stand off legs (PE)

This basket has a square cross section and has stand off legs that keep the basket squarewith the rear slope of the Leopard turret


MA119 Leopard Bulldozer attachment

This is made for the Italeri Leopard 1A4 kit.  It is in use by the Dutch, Canadian and Australian Armies.  The set can be made to work so that the blade can move on its pistons so it can be modelled lowered or raised.  The set should fit the Tamiya Leopard 1A4 as well.

The image at right shows the blade partially assembled (3 pieces).  There are several small parts which are not in this image. The Leopard below shows the bulldozer assembled but without the armoured mounts for the hydraulic cables (4 pieces).

MA120 - Leopard AS1 conversion for Meng Leopard 1A3/1A4
This provides the components needed to convert the Meng Leopard 1A3/1A4 into a 1977 Leopard AS1.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A TURRET BASKET,

To make later versions of the Leopard AS1 you can choose from a range of three turret baskets - MA116, MA117 OR MA121.


MA121 - Leopard AS1 full width turret basket 2005-2007
This is the final design for Leopard AS1 baskets and comes with a fridge and Barracuda umbrella bag (not shown). This update set also has the later aerials and propane gas bottle cage.

The kit also comes with the photoetch above and some flyscreen for the propane basket

As of April 2018 the full width basket has been 3D printed.  This should be undercoated as soon as possible to protect the printed resin.


MA122 - Leopard AS1 L7A3 105mm gun
The dimensions of this gun were based on the Leopard AS1 at  Manuka Canberra., ACT.

A major difference between the Australian and German  thermal sleeve attachments is that the Australian two part sleeve is secured using large hose clamps rather than the German more complex tension latches.


MA123 - Leopard AS1 hydraulic bump stops 1990+
Australian Leopards had the original dampers replaced with hydraulic dampers in 1990.

MA125 -  1/35 Update set for Australian Leopard AS1 ARVM 1980-2000  NEW

The set provides a storage box with two water jerrycans in holders.  Two extra water jerrycans in holders are also provided for later configurations

  An AS1729 aerial base with carbon fibre antennae.  The tropical engine filter and photoetch mesh are also included.


Best reference is Military Briefs No.5 - Australian Leopard AS1 FOV 1977- 2007.

Best reference for Australian Leopard AS1 is Military Briefs No.5 (recently price reduced)

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