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MA104 - 1/35 scale Long Tan  M113A1  1966

This conversion set provides all the conversion bits required to make an Australian M113A1 APC as served at the Battle of Long Tan 18 August 1966. Parts included:
  • Early M113A1 hull top
  • Cargo hatch with filter box
  • 2 x AB719 aerial bases -  associated with VRC-12 radio sets
  • 3 x jerrycans in wire frames (2 x metal + 1 x Plastic water). (Options which you choose)
  • 1 APC Squadron pattern gun shield
  • 8 x 50 cal machine gun ammunition liners
  • 1 strip of spot welded tiedowns (to strap the liners down to the hull)

MAD633 1/35 scale Long Tan decals


For a guide to modelling Long Tan M113A1s follow this link:

For more info on ammunition stowage on Australian M113A1s in South Vietnam visit this following link:


MA105 - 1/35 scale gun shield for M113A1 APC 1969


This provides a 1969 version gun shield with high side shields. (Normie Rowe version)

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