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Mouse Armour 1/35 scale -  (Check catalogue for prices)

MA301 M113/ M113A1 detailed bolt/strap in fuel tank (1).

The fuel tank in the Academy M113A1/A2 kits is significantly longer that it should be.  Tamiya has included an integral fuel tank in all of its M113 variants.  The integral fuel tank was replaced by a strapped in version to get over fuel tank leakage problems from the late 1960s. 

So, if you are building all but the earliest M113s you need an accurate fuel tank.   1 per packet. 

The fuel tank now has two fuel lines added

The dimensions for this fuel tank is based on Australian M113A1 fuel tanks.

m113fuel.jpg (11797 bytes)

MA302 Plastic water jerrycans (10) Australian pattern

These plastic water jerrycans have been in use by the Australian Army since at least 1968.  Ideal for mounting in angle iron and strip metal frames on board Australian M113A1s, in turret baskets and as an accessories in dioramas.  Now significantly improved.


MA303 Plastic jerrycan in vehicle holders (10) Australian pattern

These Plastic jerrycan in vehicle holders  can be attached to a variety of Australian Army armoured vehicles , particularly M113A1s. 


MA310  1/35 Milk crate.  Modern military vehicles not only use official Defence storage containers but increasingly what is commercially available - like the common milk crate.

Paint it in whatever colour you need...................  Ideal storage for the 9kg gas bottle kit.  One milk crate is included in MA317.

MA317 Complete Equipment Schedule for Aust AFVs  


Each AFV carries some basic equipment which includes:

1. 2 empty 50 cal ammo liners for stores
2. jaffle iron plus wire for handles

3. tool / track bag
4. 2 burner gas stove
5. cut down plastic jerry can
6. toilet paper roll (aka poo tickets)
7. 4kg gas bottle and gas knob
8. Gas bottle tap, Cup canteen, insulated cup and "Chernobyl" cup
9. wash basin
10. 3 pc cook set
11.. Milk crate (X1)


  MA326 1/35 Australian ice box coolers (ESKY) large and small

This item contains two common Australian eskys - 30 litre and 90 litre capacity.  The lids are separate and have 4 drink holders in each lid. The coolers can be painted in Tamiya acrylic Gloss Blue X4

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