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1/35 SCALE AUSTRALIAN MILITARY TRUNKS.  For prices please check the catalogue.

MA313 1/35 spine board (1)

Used by many military and civil medical services these have been seen in action in Iraq onboard Australia ASLAV PC Ambulances.

see also MAD622 ASLAV PC ambulance decals


MA311 Military metal trunks (2)
These were issued to individual soldier's for their personal belongings but were also used extensively on armoured vehicles including:
 - on centurions in Vietnam on top of the external fuel tanks
 - on fitters tracks instead of or in addition to the main storage bin
 - on M577A1 ACVs and either carried internally or externally.
MA311 "Jackie boxes" /  ordnance bins / Bin Packs (4)
These were wooden boxes that were carried inside M113A1s to store, manuals, additional food or reading material.  These were carried inside M113A1s with T50 turrets, MRVs and most of the M113A1 FOVs.

(aka Pack, bin, timber, Mk.II also Bin Packs)


MA304 Military trunks top opening (4).(above)

You get two rectangular trunks and two half size square trunks. These represent the new plastic trunks that have generally replaced the old metal trunks.

MA304 Military trunks side opening (4) (above)

The side opening trunks show the front (bottom) and side of the chest (top).  These have generally replaced the wooden boxes used to store documents and food in M113A1s.


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