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1/35 scale Australian M113A1 related items

MA113 M113A1 T50 turret with interior detail.
This kit provides all the items needed to make an accurately detailed M113A1 T50 turreted  APC or LRV.

The T50 turret has is hollow and has full interior detail including :

  • option for 30/30 or 3/50 armament
  • early ammo boxes for twin 30 combo
  • multi part 50/30 machine and mantelet
  • 50/30 ammo bins (circa 1968)
  • 50/30 ammo liners (circa 2000) you choose which you want
  • multi part gun cradle, spent brass scuttle and spent brass chute / receptacle
  • under turret floor RBJ and electrical channels
  • plus a myriad of small parts

Major parts necessary to make an Australian M113A1 included:

  • turret riser ring
  • rear cargo hatch with filter box
  • two panel rear firewall
  • driver's hatch with spider lock

MA308 Indicator lights 1974 onwards.  Front mount shown.  Rear light is similar but simply mounted on a plate.
MA315 Indicator lights 1998 onwards.  A new design was introduced in about 1998.  These are progressively replacing the older style above.  Enough lights for one M113A1 are included.    

Other Mouse Armour items that are also available:

Australian pattern plastic jerrycans (MA302),

Modern pattern vehicle racks (MA303),

Modern plastic chests for storage (MA304) and  vehicle mounts

Ration packs (MA306 / 307),

MA311 metal tin chests+ jackie boxes, 

Indicator lights and tow shackles (MA308)

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